Welcome! أهلا بك! Hoş geldiňiz! ようこそ!Bonvenon! સ્વાગત છે! Welkom! Fáilte! 欢迎!Akwaba!

The extent to which employees are integrated well in the workplace is the result of Leadership style. A leader attuned to the diverse workforce creates resonance by encouraging and maintaining a diversity and inclusion workplace culture.

A good leadership style promotes the organisation’s values of acceptance and embracing of differences, and this shapes workplace perception.

When leaders promote a diverse and inclusive climate, the marginalised group feels they fit into their team members at work. Visible or perceived dissimilarity is less of an issue and team performance is at its best.

Workforce cohesion is achieved when an inclusive and positive work environment respects unique characteristics, treats people fairly, and values differences.

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