A nation is the result of the sacrifices of all people (past and present) and the will to pursue great deeds together. Below is a list of characteristics of a nation:

– Boundaries
– Languages
– Cultures
– Rivers
– Conquest 
– Migration
– People
– Race
– Legacy of memories
– Imagined communities

How do nations create a sense of cohesion?

1. Strong visual language at play in big spectacles like the Olympics, showing we are all different but equal

2. National or international events like football tournaments, where we hope together, jubilation, and sadness

3. Collective adversity gives a nation a strong sense of togetherness

4. Sharing cultures and languages to assimilate into society

If a nation is formed by the above characteristics and events, will ethical leadership come at a price? 

Have a look below at some characteristics of Ethical Leadership and check if you can spot your own leaders.

1. Treat others with dignity and respect, not a means to an end
2. Not discriminating against others
3. Concern for the welfare of society and the environment
4. Balanced leadership behaviour

Ernest Renan – ’We are not slaves of our race, language, religion, course of rivers, mountainous chains, and their direction but “healthy in mind and warm of heart, creates the kind of moral conscience which we call a nation’.